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of or relating to or characteristic of the Jews or their culture or religion


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He said the National Judaical Policy, revised from time to time, in consultation with all the stakeholders at national and international level sets out guidelines for the judges and lawyers for prompt and fair dispensation of justice in Pakistan.
The chief justice said a strengthened and independent judaical system plays assertive and decisive role for the promotion of rule of law which is a basic substance of democracy and necessitates the supremacy of the Constitution, equality before law and equal protection of law.
Thomas Thorowgood's Jews in America; or, Probabilities, that those Indians are Judaical (London, 1650), indicates, however, that Indian-Israelite relationship was still debated throughout the seventeenth century.
The public surface was emphatically secular, cool, and carnal, the interior thickly meditative and subtly Judaical; it made for an incongruous, exquisite whole....