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a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree

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Similar to its NCAA Division I counterpart in Omaha, Nebraska, the JUCO World Series is fully embraced by Grand Junction, a city of about 60,000 located nearly 250 miles west-southwest of Denver.
Ellos sostenian y acusaban a la JUCO y a la JUPA de ser "reformistas", en tanto concebian la necesidad de una revolucion burguesa como paso previo al socialismo que no llegaria.
The JuCo coach may also be a teacher at the high school level or younger; whose athletes could be considering a career in education.
Escalera, supra note 143; E-mail from Cynthia Juco to Mauricio Espana, supra note 143.
This activity is typical of the work already underway by ANDES, JUCO, OCLAE and to a lesser extent ACEU.
Se quiso poner ahi un elenco estelarisimo --en ese tiempo, claro esta-- y a los reclamos de don Luis estuvieron todos los ninos chipocludos de entonces: Silvia Pinal, Enrique Rambal, Jose Baviera, Claudio Brook, Tito Juco, Ofelia Guilmain, Jacqueline Andere, Luis Beristain, Nadia Haro Oliva, Javier Loya --
Former JUCO transfer who made impact in 1st year, 7 tackles for a loss
Ester Resabal-Kintanar and Jacinto 'Jack' Pena, publishers Joaquin Roces and Jacobo Amatong, and print and broadcast journalists Francisco 'Soc' Rodrigo, Estelita Juco and Alexander Orcullo.
I basically took that year off to gain weight and learn the JuCo defense and I went from there," he said.
En este sentido, Villamil sostiene que con la supresion de las plazas de los gremios dentro del Consejo Superior, tanto la JUCO como la JUPA se concentraron en reorganizar los organos de direccion lo que llevo a discusiones y rivalidades electorales respecto a la direccion del movimiento y la representacion politica estudiantil mientras se descuidaron otros puntos del Programa Minimo (Villamil, 2010: 254).
8220;This is a new and exciting way for us to build relationships with parents, recruits and other college coaches to help promote our student athletes to coaches at Division I programs looking for JUCO talent.
Bartley was also a finalist for the 2013 John McLendon National Coach of the Year award, which encompasses Divisions 1, 2 and 3, NAIA and JUCO.
And in many of our smaller communities where we have our colleges, that's the hot ticket in town to go to the juco baseball or basketball game.
QB is a raw JUCO transfer, and RB Ben Tate is gone.
La marimba, nuestro instrumento musical mas tradicional, lo mismo que el quijongo y el juco, instrumentos de percusion; palabras que siempre usamos, como guarapo, guaro, name, chicharron, cuchumbo, cafre, cachimba, cabanga, burrucha; muchos de los platos de nuestra cocina tradicional como el mondongo, el vigoron, el guiso de tortuga, la carne en vaho; los cuentos de camino, empezando por el Tio Conejo y el Tio Coyote; los ensalmos, conjuros y brujerias; los bailes callejeros que acompanan las procesiones.