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a special anniversary (or the celebration of it)

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When the reader had finished, the chairman thanked him and read some verses of the poet Ment sent him on the jubilee, and said a few words by way of thanks to the poet.
It stood for days upon his chimney-piece, this costly trophy whose ancient history and final fate filled newspaper columns even in these days of Jubilee, and for which the flower of Scotland Yard was said to be seeking high and low.
To-morrow's Sunday, the Jubilee's on Tuesday, and old Theobald's coming back for it."
In those days it was considered a sort of crime to part with one's inheritance at any price--and even if a man did part with it, it reverted to himself or his heirs again at the next jubilee year.
He had plenty of pocket-money, which he spent in treating his comrades royally to raspberry tarts, and he was often allowed to come home on Saturdays to his father, who always made a jubilee of that day.
"The Jubilee of the Constitution, delivered at New York, April 30, 1839, before the New York Historical Society."
We'll sound the jubilee, from the centre to the sea, And Ireland shall be free, says the Shan-van Vogh.
I accepted the invitation, and delivered two addresses there during the Jubilee week.
The papers were old and uninteresting, filled up mostly with dreary stereotyped descriptions of Queen Victoria's first jubilee celebrations.
Princess Elizabeth's wedding, then the Coronation watched on our first TV and we settled into a series of Jubilees and Royal weddings all bringing visitors from abroad spending money the country needs.
Studies in the Book of Jubilees. Edited by MATTHIAS ALBANI, JORG FREY, and ARMIN LANGE.
The show at the Royal Pump Room art gallery, in the Parade, looks at how previous jubilees have been celebrated in the town.
THIS ARTICLE EXPLORES the theology of the Church in the modern world from 1953 to 1967 as reported in Jubilee: A Magazine of the Church and Her People, which claimed to be the "first national picture magazine for a Catholic audience." (1) It will examine the Catholic monthly as a vehicle for communicating Christian culture and will describe and evaluate the ways in which Jubilee drew on preexisting themes to prepare the Church and the world for its reception of Vatican II.
Youngsters at Foleshill CE Primary School, in Old Church Road, Coventry, have been learning about the Queen and the Royal Family in the run up to the jubilee festivities.
The opening of the Holy Door marks the beginning of a Jubilee or Holy Year.