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Synonyms for joyride

a ride in a car taken solely for pleasure

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ride in a car with no particular goal and just for the pleasure of it

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After a preliminary investigation by police, it was found that the 25-year-old man, surnamed Shen, who is a graduate student in history at National Taiwan University (NTU), and his 27-year-old wife, also a Taiwanese history graduate from NTU surnamed Song, had stolen the kayak to go joyriding on the like.
Rodger was convicted again of joyriding in May last year.
The brazen group posted the shocking video on Facebook of them drinking and joyriding with the protected great horned owl on March 16.
Joyriding in Riyadh doesn't look at joyriding as an extreme manifestation of Saudi youth criminality.
The Directorate General of Traffic said it was presently considering imposing severe punishments on anyone caught joyriding. It said the practice has become a worrying security issue.
Abdulaziz Abu Humaid said that the department has drawn up a plan to patrol all places where joyriding takes place.
A bystander shot the video of the joyriding on a mobile phone before uploading it on YouTube and adding in a description.
Joyriding didn't happen much in the war's early days.
"But I've been accused of wasting money - joyriding."
In South Wales, the young royal said he been "accused of wasting money" by "joyriding" in the military aircraft.
CRIMINAL untouchables as young as eight have been arrested for joyriding and burgling homes.
IF you're pregnant, it's really not a good idea to go joyriding with an unreliable ex-boyfriend and urge him to drive fast.
I like to bowl a lot!" In contrast, some reflected a much more limited experience base; one girl anticipated only "joyriding, I guess.
But there is no call to require every steering wheel in the nation to have a lock on the steering column as an alleged solution for juvenile "joyriding."
A COMMUNITY blighted by joyriding has hit out at police chiefs for awarding a contract to pick up abandoned cars to a firm - in ENGLAND.