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a lever used by a pilot to control the ailerons and elevators of an airplane

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a manual control consisting of a vertical handle that can move freely in two directions

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Driven by 74 hp Kubota Turbo Diesel engine, Model HDX 750 features automatic load sensing device, 60 inches diameter 6-bladed rotors for uniform blade and pan coverage, and Generation III joy stick power steering with independent hydraulic blade pitch controls in each joystick.
By moving this unit horizon tally and vertically, lines and rows are selected and activated; pressing the joy stick to set the parameters, define and save configurations and to start the unit.
Move the joy stick to right in an attempt to navigate the room on my flying horse.
Helmed by Diane Paulus with a skillful hand on the joy stick as she balances human and technical needs, the piece is sure to become a flashpoint: Is this the future of opera or merely "Futurama"?
YOU MAY be one of those parents who is deeply concerned about the amount of time your son spends pushing down the joy stick with his friends, yelling with ecstasy as they reach the next level of Counter Strike , but a growing body of evidence suggests the same video game may help your elderly parent remember the name of a lifelong friend or drive much more attentively.
It is easy to then dwell the tool in tight spots using a joy stick.
It was like the joy stick on an 80s games console as it wobbled around between changes.
You can feel the intensity of concentration from the operator, determined faces, and light of touch on the joy stick, caressing their machine around the circuit.
The Ultra Jet JetMaster Joystick control system offers maneuvering power and a specially developed digital programmable logic controller (PLC) network that converts the joy stick commands to boat movements.
We use jets to walk the ship side to side while maneuvering in port or we can turn on a dime and it's all done using a joy stick," said Shaeffer.
They can even take pit stops and use the joy stick to play games en route.
All mast functions may be used simultaneously with the joy stick to increase work speed.
Listening to his expert playing of guitar, mandocello, fiddle and whistle, the audience might be hard pressed to imagine him back in the 70s, brandishing a plexiglas Les Paul, wearing eye make-up and performing punk with his first band, Joy Stick and the Cockpits.
Second, while automation seemed to be the logical solution, the company's current programming method--using a joy stick to manually lead the robot through its welding path and recording all of its stops and starts along the way--meant the cell was used more for programming than for production.