joie de vivre

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a keen enjoyment of living

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DS-MAX stands for Developers and Sellers to the Maximum, and since the beginning, our purpose has been to Share the Joy of Living among people and wish to make their lives happier by adding value to their investments.
It is special to us, because we are able to share the love of movies and the joy of living the magical experience of cinema with those children.
DEFEATING dementia is a breakthrough the whole world wants when the joy of living longer is destroyed by a cruel diseases which rob loved ones of the very soul which made them special.
The evening is one of just four UK dates, programmed to promote the release of a double CD Joy of Living, the profits from which will go towards funding The Ewan MacColl Memorial Award for post-graduate students of folk music at Newcastle University.
Even her closing essay, about our cosmic insignificance, sings with hopeful possibility and strains towards the joy of living.
I had the idea of creating an event that would capture the fun and pure joy of living that we see in toddlers and young children but for a slightly older audience.
Timmy will always be remembered for his wit, charm and an exuberant joy of living, a deep and abiding loyalty and a generous nature.
They will discover that she was totally uninhibited, clearly unflappable, with a keen sense of humor, overwhelming love of children as well as disabled children and an irrepressible joy of living.
Western Lights has already received several 5 star reviews from prominent Buddhist authors including Eric Swanson co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Joy of Living and David Brazier, author of several books including Zen Therapy: Transcending the Sorrows of the Human Mind.
The President stressed the willingness to continue action in 2012 "despite difficulties" so that the Tunisian people recover the joy of living.
Experince the joy of living and diving off a luxury live- aboard," is the offer.
This year's festival will also feature a performance of "Motions - Joy of Living Dance Group" in which disabled people have also taken part for six years.
Your laughter and your joy of living, your smile, your love and love of giving will stay with us always.
Fuster said his art is really about something else: La alegria de vivir--the joy of living.
His book is a journeyman's guide to the joy of living if one can believe strongly enough that what he sees is what matters and that what the world sees may be another matter.