Jovian planet

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any of the four outermost planets in the solar system


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According to Boss, even if a Jovian planet took a few million years to form, as in the core-accretion model, that's still not enough time for Earth-size planets to have coalesced in the inner part of a protoplanetary disk.
Jovian planets rotate faster than terrestrial planets.
All four Jovian planets have inner cores made of rock, metal, and hydrogen materials.
In a series of papers [1, 2, 6] we derived and applied QCM to the Solar System, to other solar system-like systems such as the satellites of the Jovian planets and exoplanet systems, to the Galaxy, to other galaxies in general, and to clusters of galaxies [7].
We have shown agreement of its quantization state solutions with the energy states of the planets of the Solar System, of the satellites of the Jovian planets, and of the disk states of galaxies.
Interestingly, the Jovian planets all have densities consistent with the liquid state (Jupiter: ~1.
So Jupiter and the jovian planets are stars in an early stage of their evolution.
Using this equation (11), we could predict quantization of celestial orbits in the solar system, where for Jovian planets we use least-square method and use M in terms of reduced mass [micro] = ([M.