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United States politician who unscrupulously accused many citizens of being Communists (1908-1957)

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Joseph McCarthy used his position to ostensibly ferret out Communists who were, he said, employed in various branches of the American government.
The ruling has been slammed by lawyers and activists, with many comparing the policy to those of Joseph McCarthy, whose zeal in pursuing suspected communists in the United States of the 1950s lead to extremes of political repression and fear.
1954: The Secretary of the US army orders two generals subpoenaed by anti-Communist senator Joseph McCarthy to ignore the summons.
7 GOOD LUCK, AND GOOD NIGHT (2005) GEORGE CLOONEY directed and co-wrote this movie about a journalist who sets out to bring down Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.
Daniel Joseph McCarthy, 81MILLBURY - Daniel Joseph McCarthy, 81, passed away in the quiet of his Millbury home on Thursday, October 23.
1954: Witch-hunts over Lucy Liu Four years of anti-Communist witch-hunts in America came to an end when its instigator, Joseph McCarthy, was condemned for conduct unbecoming a senator.
Good Night, and Good Luck BBC2, 11.05pm Real-life tale about broadcast journalist Edward R Murrow's attempt to bring down Commie-chasing Senator Joseph McCarthy in 50s America.
When we watched Ted Cruz's comment on Chuck Hagel during the Senate Arms Services Committee's confirmation vote, those of us who are old enough to remember Joseph McCarthy felt we were seeing a ghost.
The essays discuss Paul Nitze's conclusion that the Japanese would have surrendered without the dropping of the atomic bombs, the purge of the "China Hands" from the ranks of American diplomacy, the failure to predict the Chinese response to the 1950 American invasion of North Korea, Senator Joseph McCarthy's anti-communist witch hunts, the Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War, the Iran/Contra scandal, and George W.
Magnuson and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century America," about a former senator from Washington, and "Maurice Rosenblatt and the Fall of Joseph McCarthy," about the founder of the National Committee for an Effective Congress and his role in the overthrow of Senator Joseph McCarthy.
"We've known about dilation and that there's an electrical signal when things fail, but nobody has put these two together before," says chemical engineer Joseph McCarthy of the University of Pittsburgh.
Defining Moments: McCarthyism and the Communist Threat provides a detailed history of the rise and fall of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his politics, which changed the culture and politics of this country.
Bush to the anti-communist era of Senator Joseph McCarthy.
He was shaking his finger at Joseph McCarthy and the caption read, "Nick Cirino tells Joseph McCarthy to go to hell." I began attending UC Berkeley in winter, 1964 and was involved in the Free Speech Movement as well as anti-war marches and demonstrations.
Other names include: Joseph McCarthy, Gary Powers, Ethel Rosenberg as examples.