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the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

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Joseph Cinque, President and CEO of the HS (second from right) celebrates the award handover with Lufthansa's CCO, Jens Bischof (second from left) and two Lufthansa First Class Personal Assistants.
In addition to women heroes, students could research Nat Turner, George Washington Carver, Joseph Cinque, Frederick Douglass, Booker T.
Its hero, Sengbe Pieh or Joseph Cinque as he is better known in the African Diaspora, symbolizes a singularly successful legal defeat for slave trading and its associated process of American slavery in the nineteenth century.
The rebellion was lead by a slave named Joseph Cinque, and the legal case ended up before the U.
Next arose the immortal Joseph Cinque, the hero of the Amistad.
L-R) Roberto Serralles, VP of Business Development, Destileria Serralles; Felix Serralles, President and CEO, Destileria Serralles; Joseph Cinque, President and CEO, AAHS; Felix Serralles III, VP of Distribution, Destileria Serralles; Karen Dixon, International General Manager, AAHS; Alberto J.
Joseph Cinque, president of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, noted, "Dieter has been the face of global hospitality and his numerous contributions to the hospitality industry are parallel to none -- therefore, on behalf of the Academy and its board, it gives me great pleasure to honor Dieter with this award.