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English botanist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage to the Pacific Ocean (1743-1820)


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Lessons include investigating the mechanics of pulley systems, how food was stored onboard and the specimens that Joseph Banks collected on his journey.
8) See Sir Joseph Banks, 'Thoughts on the Manners of Otaheite', Banks to Count William Bentinck, 1773 reproduced in J.
Sir Joseph Banks and the Swedish botanist Dr Daniel Carl Solander were two of 18th century Britain's leading scientists.
Senior officer Bernard O'Farrell and officers Joseph Banks and Corinne Tyro will receive awards from the Butler Trust, a charity set up 17 years ago to encourage positive regimes in UK prisons.
The University of Lincoln seeks to obtain the services of an organisation to design and supply laboratory furniture to Joseph Banks Laboratory and Minster House.
Sir Joseph Banks at Kew commissioned Menzies as a naturalist on a naval expedition sent to collect furs from North America.
They have jointly acquired William Parry's group portrait of Sir Joseph Banks,Dr Daniel Solander and the Tahitian Omai following a fund-raisingcampaign.
BURRY Port Harbour - originally known as New Pembrey Harbour - was initially designed by marine engineer Sir Joseph Banks and established by Act of Parliament in 1825.
Joseph Banks, gentleman scientist, taking part in Captain James Cook's epic voyage aboard The Endeavour, was spellbound by sight of natives riding their canoes in the surf.
Grose, for example, was the client of Henry Phipps, Earl Mulgrave, Viscount Normanby; Sir Joseph Banks protected the interest of Paterson, Hunter and Bligh and Joseph Foveaux was well served by the powerful Whig politician and army general, Richard Fitzpatrick.
celebrated in Guyana in the same way Australians celebrate Captain James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks.
The characters - botanists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, and the first Polynesian to visit Britain, Omai - feature in a painting at Whitby's Captain Cook Museum.
Arts Minister Tessa Jowell has put a temporary export bar on Parry's group portrait of Sir Joseph Banks, Dr Daniel Solander and the Tahitian Omai.
He was then attending a reception at Captain Cook Memorial Museum, which houses two new attractions - a portrait of Omai, Sir Joseph Banks and Dr Solander, and a mounted exhibition of artefacts from Cook's first voyage.
In August The Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby raised pounds 950,000 and were successful in their bid to jointly buy William Parry's famous portrait of Omai, Sir Joseph Banks and Dr Daniel Solander - three travelling companions of Captain James Cook.