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English botanist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage to the Pacific Ocean (1743-1820)


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While in Joseph Banks and the English Enlightenment (1994), Gascoigne located Banks as the last incarnation of a century-long English "virtuoso" tradition, here his protagonist is moved by more contemporary passions.
The 250th anniversary gives our leaders the opportunity to liaise with the worlds' great art galleries, Kew Gardens (they have a vested interest in Cook - Joseph Banks, a shipmate on the Endeavour, founded that great institution), Antarctic British Survey, National Maritime Museum, NASA (the space shuttle Endeavour is linked to Cook), Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti etc.
As Djurberg correctly observes, the name Ulimaroa first appeared in print in John Hawkesworth's 1773 rendition of Captain James Cook's first voyage (1768 to 1771), the official compilation of the journals of Cook and Joseph Banks.
Highlights include the stories of Joseph Banks and Francis Masson (who accompanied James Cook on his epic voyages), David Douglas (whose explorations in northwestern USA transformed the British forestry industry) and Joseph Hooker (whose discovery of the rhododendron in the Himalaya provoked a veritable horticultural mania in Victorian England).
On the Endeavour voyage, Cook got on very well with Joseph Banks who is at the opposite end of the social spectrum, a rich aristocrat and a talented scientist.
Founded in 1804 by Sir Joseph Banks and John Wedgwood, the society's aim was to collect information about the world's plants and to encourage the improvement of gardening methods.
18) In his 'Thoughts on the manners of Otaheite', Joseph Banks well remarked upon the 'industrious' capability of the Polynesian women to furnish a supply of necessary material provisions: 'They rise at the Earliest dawn of day and soon after .
The National Museums and Galleries of Wales, the Captain Cook Memorial Museum and the National Portrait Gallery have jointly acquired Parry's group portrait of Sir Joseph Banks, Dr Daniel Solander and the Tahitian Omai.
Joseph Banks of Liverpool was enthusiastic about a riverside home for the club.
They included Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestley, Erasmus Darwin and Joseph Banks.
Kew's transition under four potent heads, Joseph Banks, William Hooker, Joseph Hooker and William Thiselton-Dyer, is an absorbing tale of sycophantic jostling for favour among Whigs and Tories, amateurs and professionals, scientists and bureaucrats, prudent economisers and visionary expansionists.
An animal as large as a greyhound, of a mouse colour and very swift," wrote Joseph Banks, a young scientist on board Captain Cook's Endeavour in 1770.
Phil Philo, senior curator museums, says: "Anyone who loves watching the classic period TV dramas and historic films will be excited to see these unusual replica garments from Cook's lifetime, especially those that might have been worn by some of the great names of the period, such as Joseph Banks, botanist on board Cook's first voyage, and even King George III.
And Flinders certainly deserves an account of his achievements, even if, like everyone else involved in scientific exploration at that time, he's overshadowed throughout by the colossal figure of Joseph Banks.
BURRY Port Harbour, established by Act of Parliament in 1825, was designed by marine engineer Sir Joseph Banks.