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United States painter born in Germany


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And, don't overlook the geometric compositions of Joseph Albers.
The Goodman Gallery present the collaborative work of William Kentridge and Greta Goiris; New York-based dealer Brooke Alexander shows colour screenprints by Joseph Albers (www.
Examples include Victory Over the Sun (2007), Gavin Perry's black-and-gold, Cartesian/Kubrickian "Star Gate" hanging on silver wallpaper, ready to be gift-wrapped, and Jacin Giordano's bittersweet, yarny "painting" Who's Afraid of Joseph Albers, Knot?
The latter is the first to focus exclusively on the intersections of the work of Anni and Joseph Albers with the art and culture of Mexico and Latin America.
Lyonel Feininger * Joseph Albers * Marcel Breuer * John Cage * Paul