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leader of the Nez Perce in their retreat from United States troops (1840-1904)


(Old Testament) the 11th son of Jacob and one of the 12 patriarchs of Israel

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(New Testament) husband of Mary and (in Christian belief) the foster father of Jesus

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References in classic literature ?
Have you and Emmy been quarrelling already with Joseph, that he wants to be off?"
"I promised Bonamy of our service, sir," said Joseph, "to dine with him."
"Says you," Pumblechook went on, "'Joseph, I have seen that man, and that man bears you no malice and bears me no malice.
"Says you, 'Joseph, he gave me a little message, which I will now repeat.
Joseph, as the disgusted Stella said, looked like a walking rag-bag.
Joseph and the Sarah-cat arrived by express in separate boxes.
A high wind blustered round the house, and roared in the chimney: it sounded wild and stormy, yet it was not cold, and we were all together - I, a little removed from the hearth, busy at my knitting, and Joseph reading his Bible near the table
We all kept as mute as mice a full half-hour, and should have done so longer, only Joseph, having finished his chapter, got up and said that he must rouse the master for prayers and bed.
On this ground Joseph Alexeevich condemned my speech and my whole activity, and in the depth of my soul I agreed with him.
I went to my room and reread Joseph Alexeevich's letters and recalled my conversations with him, and deduced from it all that I ought not to refuse a suppliant, and ought to reach a helping hand to everyone- especially to one so closely bound to me- and that I must bear my cross.
'You have no bill or demand upon me--my name is Bowley, Sir Joseph Bowley--of any kind from anybody, have you?' said Sir Joseph.
'To sever, sir,' returned Sir Joseph, with great asperity, 'the cord of existence--my affairs would be found, I hope, in a state of preparation.'
Their father grew uneasy at their long absence, and sent Joseph, his favorite, to see if any thing had gone wrong with them.
At first sight, this fiery head in no way corresponded with Joseph Buquet's description of the ghost.
Far better is it to wait; and that is what the impatient Joseph T.