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Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (1879-1953)

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Richard Gordon, who chairs the justice committee, said the term mass murderer was reserved for the likes of German dictator Adolf Hitler and Russian leader Josef Stalin.
<BSeated , from left, Josef Stalin, Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at the Tehran Conference in December 1943
Josef Stalin's speech before the Communist Central Committee could also drag on and on.
EVENTS 1945: Winston Churchill, Harry S Truman and Josef Stalin discuss the fate of a defeated Germany at Potsdam.
In 1953, Georgy Malenkov was named premier of the Soviet Union a day after the death of Josef Stalin.
Are they not validating the late Josef Stalin, who reputedly said: "One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic"?
Individual essays may treat death as a social phenomenon (the funeral of Josef Stalin), an intellectual issue, or an artistic question.
Josef Stalin issued an Order of the Day telling his forces to show no mercy."The arrogant invaders," he trumpeted, "run like rats, the ground hot beneath their feet.
The famine was engineered by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in 1932-33, in an attempt to force peasants to join collective farms.
Lenin and Josef Stalin are Pekkala's bosses who have him due their bidding in helping control Russia by being an Inspector.
There was no mention in Fullilove's remarks about FDR's unwillingness to get ahead of public opinion regarding the danger of appeasement of the dictators; his willingness to bend, if not break, the Constitution in order to aid belligerents in the war; and his later naive policy of attempting to court or appease Josef Stalin's Soviet Union toward the end of the war.
Josef Stalin received 77 or 33.6% of the respondents for the second highest response.
In 1944, Soviet leader Josef Stalin accused Crimean Tatars of collaborating with Germany's Nazis and ordered some 200,000 of them to be deported to Central Asia.
Not surprising, Chavez departed this vale of tears on the 60th anniversary of the death of Josef Stalin.
Humans in alien suits in Bugarach, but no real aliens In Moscow, former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's underground bunker was offering salvation from the world's end for 1,500 dollars (PS920), with a 50% refund if nothing happened.