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United States painter born in Germany


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I also look forward to seeing the upcoming "Josef Albers in Mexico" exhibition at the Guggenheim and the work of Gonzalo Fonseca at the Noguchi Museum.
The show, at Edgbaston's Barber Institute, features works from Josef Albers, Victor Pasmore, Ad Reinhardt and Bridget Riley.
Blue-patterned tolle de Jouy table skirts contrast with a striking selection of original modern paintings by artists including Robert Indiana, Nancy Craves and Josef Albers, turning the dining room into an ersatz gallery.
Abstract art is a 65-year old tradition in the Philippines since Constancio Bernardo made his first iconic abstract painting entitled Perpetual Motion while a student at the Yale University in 1950--he was then influenced by German abstract expressionist Josef Albers, head of Yale's painting department, after the school ended its tradition of promoting the Italian School of painting.
He started out as a painter, studied with Josef Albers at Yale, and over the years he returned now and again seriously to painting.
Breuer wanted his former Bauhaus classmate Josef Albers to design the glass.
Artists such as Sol LeWitt, Josef Albers or Hans Coper create(d) the illusion of stillness through symmetry.
In her "Valued Paintings" color investigation (page 25), she shares how her middle-school students experimented with color mixing and ultimately created monochromatic, non-objective, abstract, color-field paintings--a la Mark Rothko and Josef Albers.
The muscularity of Whitney's application distinguishes these works from the highly refined color paintings of Sanford Wurmfeld or Josef Albers, whose legacy of hard-edge abstraction the artist encountered at Yale, where boundaries were tended like the edges of suburban lawns.
Although it's inspired by Josef Albers' geometric paintings, it sends the dancers into extreme twists and maneuverings where they crawl or grope or poke their way through a partner's negative space.
There's a spotty image by Damien Hirst, two small very characteristic lithograph portraits by Francis Bacon of contorted, lumpen faces, an attractive Bridget Riley, and two colourful and attractive screenprints from Josef Albers.
"We all learned Josef Albers' color theory," says Alex.
Josef Albers (who had started there as a student) and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy were particularly involved.