Jordan River

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a river in Palestine that empties into the Dead Sea

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The delegation also visited the Jordan River Foundation and was briefed about their programme for Gaza.
The Jordan River Project was mostly direct bury with several installations of Hobas through steel casings.
Raw sewage from Jerusalem and West Bank cities provides flow into the Jordan River. Gideon Bromberg, the Melbourne-born Israeli director of Friends of the Earth Middle East, believes that you're more likely to get a rash than find redemption from a Jordan River baptism.
I invite Hauser to research the location of the Jordan River's headwaters and the environmental insensitivity inflicted there.
If that embassy rep made the same desert drive today, he'd encounter some 4,000 residents living in at least two dozen communities on the Israeli-controlled side of the Jordan River. In all, there are at least 261,000 Jews still living in lands conquered by Israel during the Six Day War.
* It is connected with the fresh water Sea of Galilee in the north, 67 miles distant, the connector being the Jordan River. Water used for irrigation purposes from the Sea of Galilee has made the Jordan River almost without water as it empties into the Dead Sea.
Then he goes over the line: "Swallowing disappointment is hardly a compelling cure for Palestinian-Israeli hostility, especially when Palestinians are a generation away from being a demographic majority between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. Moreover, the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Arab countries is a sore point in a region where the perception is that Israel rests on a foundation of ethnic cleansing." Ethnic cleansing?
Here's how it unfolded: Israel's tribe of Ephraim decided to cross the Jordan River and do battle with the pagan tribes of Gilead.
Imagine that day on the banks of the Jordan River. A large crowd is gathered to hear this strange man dressed in camel hair and a leather belt, eating locusts and honey, in order to confess their sins and to be baptized.
Citing the Jordan River basin in the Middle East, researcher Anders Jagerskog of Linkoping University concludes that water issues between Israel and Jordan and between Israel and the Palestinians are taking a backseat to other contentious issues.
Jordan's Baptism Archeological Park opened in 2001 on the Jordan River, which flows between Jordan on the east and the West Bank and Israel on the west.
Miri Ohana, 50, and daughter Yael died in their home in the two-hour assault on Hamra, a West Bank settlement of about 40 families in the Jordan River Valley.
In the darkness outside, a Palestinian gunman sneaked up the road, killing a soldier and bursting into a home in Hamra, a Jewish West Bank settlement in the Jordan River Valley.
Palestinian gunmen ambush an Israeli patrol on a border road near Bet Yosef, next to the Jordan River, wounding two soldiers, one seriously.
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