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In 2010, Jordan's trade (exports and imports) with Saudi Arabia surpassed $3 billion, while total trade between the UAE and Jordan was reported to be over $700 million.
Running along the lowest spot on Earth, the waters of the lower Jordan gather at the ecological intersection of Asia, Africa and Europe.
Jordan clearly means Kitten to be a symbol of irrepressible grace in the face of tragedy.
But right now was a solemn moment, and at this solemn moment, Jordan was stuck in the kitchen, alone, unable to part the sea of people to get to the Kwanzaa table.
He observes the weakness of the party system in Jordan, which one might argue is caused by the regime responding to crises in the form of managing troubles rather than authentic desire for change.
CNN, and even Jordan himself, dutifully tried to distance themselves from this suddenly on-the-record off-the-record comment.
Jordan puts the same careful preparation into staging the work of Todd Bolender, who, selected him in 1981 (right out of North Carolina School of the Arts) to be one of the founding members of the new KCB.
In a gesture of bracing honesty, Jordan even produces two candid poster-board photos of these boys as proof.
We set out to create the finest performance basketball sneaker ever that also carries on the tradition of the Air Jordan franchise setting the benchmark for court fashion," says Tate Kuerbis, senior footwear designer for Jordan.
Jordan says he would buy more Cisco, expecting that its expansion will push the stock price up.
Most of this book is the story of how Jordan learned about the diseases; the endless encounters with doctors and hospitals as he decided on experimental, high-risk treatment options; and the ways his condition made him think about his use of the years behind him and whatever years he had left.
For Jordan, working with auteurs like Virgo is one of the firm's strengths.
First, however, I want to establish the models for an African-American intellectual available to Jordan as she embarked on her career.
After another board member suggested this might offend non-Christians such as Buddhists and Muslims, Jordan snapped, "Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims - and put that in the minutes