Jonathan Trumbull

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American Revolutionary leader who as governor of Connecticut provided supplies for the Continental Army (1710-1785)


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After the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts' pro-British military Governor Thomas Gage wrote to Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull seeking assistance against the patriots.
Throughout the War for Independence, George Washington knew that he could rely on Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull to provide vital supplies to the colonial forces.
Colonel John Trumbull, a well-known officer of the Revolutionary Army, son of Governor Jonathan Trumbull, of Connecticut.
The name was early given to a personification of the United States, and was explained by a sort of folk etymology as being due to the fact that General Washington greatly relied on the advice of his aide, Jonathan Trumbull, of whom he sometimes said, "We must consult Brother Jonathan." A weekly called Brother Jonathan was founded by Park Benjamin, 1839-43.
" We must consult Brother Jonathan, " said the general, meaning His Excellency Jonathan Trumbull, governor of the state of Connecticut.
John Trumbull was the youngest child of Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull, the only colonial governor appointed by the Crown who also won election following independence.