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American theologian whose sermons and writings stimulated a period of renewed interest in religion in America (1703-1758)


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The Cardiff coaches must have been pulling their hair out as yet another mistake allowed Pearce to cross for a 27th minute try before home skipper Jonathan Edwards stopped the rot with a pushover try converted by Thomas.
Jonathan Edwards said: "It was an absolute pleasure to meet the latest TASS talent from around the region.
The main core are myself and Jill Douglas and we get cameos from Jonathan Edwards and others.
Gold medallist Jonathan Edwards gave pupils at St Dominic's School in West Belfast the opportunity to get into the Games' spirit.
The trinitarian vision of Jonathan Edwards and David Coffey.
Olympic gold medallist Jonathan Edwards, deputy chairman of London 2012's Nations and Regions Group, unveiled the summer's programme of cultural events for the West Midlands yesterday.
They will be followed by Mishal Husain with live sport venue presenters on site such as athletics expert Jonathan Edwards and John Inverdale, who will cover rowing.
OLYMPIC triple jump champion Jonathan Edwards joined budding athletes for an energetic training session at Litherland Sports Park.
And earlier in the week I heard an earnest Jonathan Edwards - is there any other kind of Jonathan Edwards?
In 2003 Marsden completed a lengthy, synthetic biography of Edwards (Jonathan Edwards: A Life) for the tercentenary of the 18th-century theologian and revivalist's birth.
Reading Jonathan Edwards: An Annotated Bibliography in Three Parts, 1729-2005.
"The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards" is a biographical look at the man behind that fiery sermon.
Marsden's definitive biography of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford University Press, 2003) comes what Philip F.
Grouped into three categories of exegesis, ecclesiology, and everyday life, the essays include "'Hallowed Be Your Name' (Matt 6:9): Reflections on the First Petition of the Lord's Prayer", "All Are Called: The Universal Vocation of the People of God", "Domestic Spirituality: Jonathan Edwards on Love, Marriage and Family Life" and many more.