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a flag usually bearing a white skull and crossbones on a black background

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Caption: The author (and photographer) snaps a selfie during his 2005 flight with the VFA-103 Jolly Rogers (Photo courtesy of Rick Llinares)
Usually, I let them in, but the other day I didn't feel like doing that because it was, well, hot, and I was greeted with the Sutton version of a Jolly Roger.
The Jolly Roger, Leeson writes, "signaled 'pirate,' which meant two things.
The event at the Jolly Roger Nursery marked the beginning of two weeks of special events in Coventry leading up to Bookstart day.
Argentina passes a toothless bill, then it foils attempts to strengthen it when a local drug industry--whose US$3 billion in revenues come largely from the intellectual treasure of others--raises the Jolly Roger.
Sequels: Curse of the Blue Tattoo and Under the jolly Roger.
The new owners of Parry Sound's former Jolly Roger Inn hope to restore the original lustre to the venerable Highway 69 institution.
The pirates then say their good-byes to Jeremy and remind him to raise the Jolly Roger up yonder pole whenever he is ready for his next pirate adventure.
We flew the Jolly Roger, beat our drums loudly, blasted some trumpets--and 22 ships fled from our advance.
A democratic utopia flourished beneath the Jolly Roger, University of Pittsburgh historian Marcus Rediker writes in Villains of All Nations: Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age (Beacon).
For gentler pink knuckle fun, the pounds 250,000 Jolly Roger family boat ride opens at Easter.
The veteran nuclear submarine flew the Jolly Roger to signify it had fired weapons in anger during the war in Iraq.
Jolly Roger with an Uzi: The Rise and Threat of Modern Piracy.
Edited by two critics associated with Modern Painters--the once proudly backward-looking, London-based magazine launched under John Ruskin's flag that now flies David Bowie's Jolly Roger from its editorial masthead--this anthology does more or less what its subtitle promises by way of connecting the dots between Pliny the Elder and Damien Hirst, which merely raises the question, Who but a couple of London critics with a yearning for the good old days and a tactical recognition of the power centers of the moment would have thought it necessary or desirable to do so?
Pirate Capital serves as the investment advisor to four event-driven hedge funds, Jolly Roger Fund LP, Jolly Roger Offshore Fund LTD, Jolly Roger Activist Fund LP and Jolly Roger Activist Fund LTD.