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a flag usually bearing a white skull and crossbones on a black background

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Nemo's submarine, the Nautilus, certainly could have attacked the Jolly Roger in the past.
To this day I still look back on the experience of flying in the back seat of a Jolly Rogers F/A-I 8F Super Hornet with a mix of incredulity, gratitude, and a little awe.
The building features a large hall which can be split into two parts, two meeting rooms, a cafe (Cafe in the Hall), Jolly Roger's Play Gym, an activity room and a church.
PROTESTERS hoisted a Jolly Roger pirate flag at the headquarters of Royal Bank of Scotland yesterday.
Also listed is about 180 undeveloped acres north of Lake Maumelle, about two miles north of the Jolly Roger Landing as the crow flies.
Jolly Roger Captain Hook's fantastic pirate ship was the scourge of the seven seas, until it was stolen by some pesky kids.
Mik Ashfield, 46, and Vikki Ludlow, 35 exchanged special pirate vows, hoisted a Jolly Roger, then toasted their guests with rum before setting sail into married life.
Time again to raise the Jolly Roger. The Portland Pirate Festival starts Saturday at Cathedral Park (
And then on Thursday afternoon, two motorists exchanged loud, angry blasts of their vehicles' horns and one-finger pleasantries - or as one man said at a recent Auburn Board of Selectmen meeting, a Jolly Roger - after almost colliding at Route 146 and Boston Road in Sutton.
Anglesey's young farmers hoisted the Jolly Roger above their vessel during the "Great Straight Raft Run", which is held annually from the beach at Y Felinheli.
Leeson does so relentlessly, explaining why they showed the Jolly Roger, established a reputation for savagery, shared the loot relatively equally, didn't discriminate against black people, and had--believe it or not--tight restrictions preventing their leaders from having too much power.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital; 2 Lord Haw-Haw; 3 Puss In Boots; 4 The Jolly Roger; 5 Salvador Dali; 6 Audi; 7 Just A Minute; 8 Corsica and Sardinia; 9 Caravaggio; 10 George Bush Snr..
Librarians from Coventry City Council dropped in at the Jolly Roger Nursery at the Land Registry in Torrington Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry with free packs of books for three and four-year-olds.
The company said the game takes part in an alternate universe, introduces Jolly Roger as a nemesis and allows players to help Sparrow get his crew together to look for the Black Pearl.
Argentina passes a toothless bill, then it foils attempts to strengthen it when a local drug industry--whose US$3 billion in revenues come largely from the intellectual treasure of others--raises the Jolly Roger.