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French explorer (with Jacques Marquette) of the upper Mississippi River valley (1645-1700)

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This effort was informed by model comparisons and expert elicitations (Jolliet et al.
In a review of Inuit presence on the North Shore, Marianne Stopp mentions two references to Inuit at "Mecatina" (Stopp, 2002).The first is by Louis Jolliet (1645-1700), seigneur of the coast from the Mingan Islands to Brador, in the journal of his 1694 expedition to Labrador.
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Although a certain degree of anxiety seems to be 'normal' in the ICU environment, a literature describes a 'pathological' anxiety when this sensation appears to be disproportionately high considering its cause, and when it is associated with other severe signs, such as severe dysautonomia, and loss of self-control which cannot be appropriately treated due to a complete lack of patient cooperation (Chevrolet and Jolliet 2007).
A film of note: Aluku Liba: Maroon Again, directed by Nicolas Jolliet (2009, available from, is a docudrama tracing a year in the life of Loeti Mais, who flees a goldcamp on the Upper Oyapock that is raided by the French military and walks across the forest all the way to the Upper Lawa, where he meets a friend and hunter who takes him back to his native territory.
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