Johnson grass

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tall perennial grass that spreads by creeping rhizomes and is grown for fodder

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Cover provided by grasses increased beyond springtime values; little bluestem up to 14% cover at 25 cm and 2% at 50 cm, and Johnson grass contributing up to 13% cover at 25 cm and 5% at 50 cm.
I woke to the whisper Johnson grass made against my leg when I walked through it, but I wasn't the one who was walking.
To characterize vegetation at sites, we compared percentage of points with priority exotic grass species (Bermuda grass and Johnson grass Sorghum halepense) and percentage of points with priority native tallgrass species (i.
You give up and consider Johnson grass an ornamental.
All four introduced species were found in the reference wetland (Bermuda grass, knot grass, Johnson grass, and fiddle dock and three of the four (excluding knot grass) were identified in the constructed wetland.
Cover was evaluated for the following vegetation classes: dead herbaceous material, forbs, Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense), rye grass (Lolium perenne), eastern gammagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides), switchgrass (Panicum virgatum), other grasses, cactus (predominantly prickly pear, Opuntia lindheimeri) and woody vegetation.
Arrow grass, Black Locust, Blue Cohosh, Broomcarn, Buckeye (Horse chestnut), Cherry, Choke Cherry, Corn, Cockle, Dogbane, Elderberry, Hemp, Horse Nettle, Indian Hemp, Ivy, Johnson grass, Kafir, Laurel, Leucothoe, Lily of the Valley, Maleberry, Marijuana, Milkweeds, Milo, Nightshade, Oleander, Rhododendron, Sevenbark, Silver, Sneezewood, Sorghum, Stagger brush, Sudan grass, Velvet grass, White snakeroot, Wild Black Cherry, Wild Hydrangea.
Cover provided by dead material was assessed at 5, 10, 25, and 50 cm above the surface, whereas cover by Johnson grass, by bermuda grass, and by other grasses was estimated at 25 and 50 cm.
We wound up raising some Johnson grass and wild sunflowers along with the corn, but we still had plenty of roasting ears for everyone and had enough corn left over to feed to the laying hens and wildlife.
If you have Johnson grass in your proposed pasture area it grows to about four feet tall and is a fire hazard in the winter), mow it and keep it mowed short for a year before putting your animals on it.
Vegetation in the streambed was almost entirely dead herbaceous growth and included Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense), saltgrass (Distichlis stricta), sunflower (Helianthus sp.
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