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'Johnny' was applied as a nickname for Confederate soldiers by the Federal soldiers in the American Civil War

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And now, Johnny was to be inveigled into occupying a temporary position on Mrs Boffin's lap.
The book bundle is a compilation of four interactive storybooks that include, "Johnny Tractor and Friends: County Fair," "Johnny Tractor and Friends: Snow Day," "Johnny Tractor and Friends: Growing Season," and "Johnny Tractor and Friends: Goodnight, Johnny Tractor.
Jay Maclean Trio featuring Jay Maclean, Stella Ignacio, Johnny Gaerlan, and George Almaden.
HE'S been unemployed for 45 years, but does Johnny Slacker really exist?
Bizarrely it was an accident that damaged his hands that started Johnny on his musical journey.
Ever since Johnny Rockets opened its doors in Pakistan almost 1 year ago its aim has been to serve classic allAmerican food in a fun environment to a country full of avid foodies.
Pictures of Hungry Johnny playing in the snow of the cold north are contrasted with pictures of Johnny's Grandma stirring a nice warm kettle of wild rice on the stove.
hnny, and does Mick hug and he did that But it's Linda to HUG: Johnny, and EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Fri BBC1 Johnny and his mother don't have the easiest of relationships.
FUNNYMAN Johnny Vegas is to turn his hand to presenting a shopping channel tonight.
com)-- The doctors told Johnny in 1992 that he would die if he did not get the liver transplant, he refused and they called him delirious.
So, Little Johnny's dad had a long talk with Little Johnny before going to the neighbors.
JOHNNY English Repackaged might be a more fitting title for Oliver Parker''s belated sequel to the 2003 comedy.
Summary: Rowan Atkinson is back as the bumbling spy Johnny English in the long awaited sequel Johnny English Reborn.
In the 1790s Chapman moved west, traveling through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, where he planted apple orchards and tree nurseries, earning him the nickname Johnny Appleseed.