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United States film actor who played tough heroes (1907-1979)

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The STAjets headquarters is located at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.
Republican Matthew Harper wanted the actor's birthday of May 26 to be named John Wayne Day.
Inspiration "If I'm like a John Wayne character then Chisora is Derek Trotter.
Boingo Wireless (Nasdaq:WIFI), a DAS and Wi-Fi provider that serves consumers, carriers and advertisers worldwide, announced on Wednesday that it has been selected as neutral host wireless network partner by John Wayne Airport (SNA), a Southern California airport serving more than nine million passengers per year.
They created an interactive presentation highlighting six different aspects of John Wayne Airport's value—including the airport's ever-growing international services, top-notch traveler convenience, unwavering passenger security, a fiscally conservative business philosophy and local flavor—all wrapped in a gorgeous, award-winning facility.
Karen Granville was watching a 1959 John Wayne movie she had taped when a 20-something-year-old car thief ran onto her property.
John Wayne Airport Opens New Terminal C with Enhanced Customer Service and Amenities.
Travel Business Review-November 11, 2011--California Pizza Kitchen Opens Outlet in John Wayne Airport in US(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
Casual dining chain California Pizza Kitchen Inc (CPK) (Nasdaq:CPK) has opened a new restaurant at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, the company revealed on Tuesday.
Part of the cash from the two-day sale in Los Angeles will go to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.
Summary: Dame Shirley Bassey has revealed her ideal cruise partner would be legendary actor, John Wayne.
A COWBOY hat worn by Hollywood legend John Wayne is up for sale.
Lee Rothrock, Springfield: I was in a London pub in September 1974 when a local pointed out John Wayne.
In five decades of Hollywood classics, John Wayne mastered the role of Western hero like no other actor in cinema history.