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Tennessee highschool teacher who violated a state law by teaching evolution

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Less than two weeks earlier, the two men had been together in Dayton, Tennessee, for the sensational trial of John Scopes, the public school teacher arrested for teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
This law was tested in court when a young science teacher, John Scopes, was arrested for using a textbook with a chapter on Darwinism.
A local schoolteacher, John Scopes, volunteered to take part in a test case that the American Civil Liberties Union hoped would result in anti-evolution laws being declared unconstitutional.
The lines seemed clear: 1) those who believed that John Scopes had broken the public trust by breaking the law when he taught evolution in his science class, or, 2) those who believed that Scopes had acted as a responsible teacher and professional when he chose to challenge his students with the latest scientific theory.
The infamous trial of John Scopes, who was charged for breaking a Tennessee law that forbade teaching "any theory that denies the story of divine creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man had descended from a lower order of animal," has been widely misrepresented.
It's been 80 years since Tennessee science teacher John Scopes lost the infamous "Monkey Trial" over evolution.
Part One (72 pages) consists of Moran's brilliantly organized introductory essay, in which he succinctly but masterfully provides the scientific, religious, and cultural background of "the monkey case," in which the state of Tennessee placed high school teacher John Scopes on trial for teaching evolution.
The conventional wisdom is that, while teacher John Scopes did lose the case at the trial court, the fundamentalists really lost in the court of public opinion because they were exposed as back-woods rubes with unscientific ideas.
The story was based on the experiences of John Scopes, a biology teacher in Dayton,Tennessee, whose introduction of evolution to his classes was the subject of a court case in 1925.
Perhaps he was best known for his defense of John Scopes, accused of teaching evolution in schools, in what became know as the Monkey Trial.
Fundamentalism began to lose its public popularity in the years following the 1925 "Monkey Trial," in which science teacher John Scopes was convicted in Dayton, Tennessee of illegally teaching evolution.
The popular 24-year-old football coachbiology teacher, John Scopes, a patently wholesome church-going Christian, was charged.
The Scopes Trial: A Brief History with Documents' intersperses newspaper accounts and political cartoons with transcripts of the debate between William Jennings Bryan, who argued for the prosecution to banish teaching evolution, and Clarence Darrow, who defended Tennessee schoolteacher John Scopes during the trial.
In 1925, John Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution in defiance of state law.