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English poet (1878-1967)

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Putting a Tune to the Shout', Journal of the John Masefield Society, 6 (1997), 26-29.
Ledbury was home to poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the birthplace of poet laureate John Masefield, after whom the local secondary school is named.
England's Poet Laureate John Masefield once called "Twelfth Night" "the happiest and one of the loveliest of all Shakespeare's plays.
So on November 11, 1911, on a stage festooned with chrysanthemums, the new repetory company performed its first play - JM Barrie's The Admirable Crichton - after a reading of a poem John Masefield had written for the occasion: "Here in this house, to-night, our city makes, Something which must not fail for all our sakes, For we begin what men have been too blind, To build elsewhere, a temple for the mind.
Pitt took the unusual title of his book from a line in the poem Right Royal by John Masefield, but the book's reach and grasp brings instead Masefield's An Epilogue to mind, particularly the line 'I have seen flowers come in stony places'.
I wandered lonely as a cloud Cargoes by John Masefield That floats on high o'er hill and vale By the shore of Gitchie Gumee Daffodils by William Wordsworth By the shining Big-seas-water 'Twas brillig and the slithy toves Dulce et decorum est by Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; Wilfred Owen They went to sea in a sieve, they Elegy written in a country did, In a sieve they went to sea churchyard by Thomas Gray Half a league, half a league.
Aside from "Macavity: The Mystery Cat," Isfahani also performed Jim, by Hilaire Belloc and Sea Fever, by the former Poet Laureate, John Masefield.
3] has the potential to reduce sterilizing doses by as much as 40% to 50%," said John Masefield, an industry veteran with extensive experience in field of radiation sterilization.
The book's final chapter looks at questions of personal and national identity in an imperial, or pre-war or inter-war context in sequences by Scawen Blunt, William Watson, Isaac Rosenberg, John Masefield, and Rupert Brooke.
Who would have guessed that so many Tristan plays were produced in the twentieth century, by writers including John Masefield and Don Marquis (author of Archie and Mehitabel)?
The author is a high school teacher who understands young men and athletics; and he provides interesting quotes about the sea at the beginning of each chapter, by such writers as John Masefield, E.
The author also wrote biographies of Mary Shelley, Emily Bronte and John Masefield.
On the day Harry Farr was shot Haig had a leisurely lunch with the poet John Masefield.
John Masefield doesn't make the cut, but the deconstructionist Gayatri Spivak does, as does the postcolonial theorist Homi K.