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Englishman and romantic poet (1795-1821)


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This Romantic vision of Keats as a delicate mental and spiritual essence not meant for a long mortal life set the stage for a range of twentieth-century biographers who similarly came to see the poet as a tragic creature, such that when Andrew Motion largely represented Keats in these terms in his magisterial Keats: A Biography (1997), he was following in the footsteps of Amy Lowell and her much earlier two-volume John Keats (1925), perhaps the most important early twentieth-century biography to cast the poet in this light.
John Keats said "a thing of beauty is a joy forever".
IT'S said the English romantic poet John Keats wrote his Ode to a Nightingale in a single day in 1819, inspired by one of the birds singing in a garden.
Bright Star Director: Jane Campion Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes Cast: Abbie Cornish as Fanny Brawne, Ben Whishaw as John Keats and Paul Schneider as Mr Brown Story: It's 1818 in Hampstead Village on the outskirts of London.
Instant expert THE last, exceptionally moving love letter from Romantic poet John Keats to his fiance Fanny Brawne was sold recently at auction.
NATIONAL DAY IN BRUNEI 1821: John Keats, English poet famous for his odes, died of tuberculosis in Rome, aged 25.
We now have the platform to assert Burns's status as a major Romantic-period artist alongside the likes of William Wordsworth and John Keats.
monograph Politics and Poetics: A Comparative Study of John Keats and Li
Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia is the new fragrance for Fall 2010, inspired by one of the last great romantic poets, John Keats, and one of the most perfect short poems in English literature - 'To Autumn' - the fleeting moment of "mists and mellow fruitfulness" when the last days of summer are edged with fresh, clear autumnal airs.
WRITER-DIRECTOR Jane Campion ventures back to the early 19th century to compose this emotionally wrought valentine to John Keats and his lover Fanny Brawne (played by Ben Whishaw and Abbie Cornish).
It tells of the love affair between John Keats, destined to become one of Britain's greatest poets despite his death at just 25 in 1821, and Fanny Brawne.
Bright Star is a poem by John Keats, who is known in the literary world as one of the most romantic poets of all time.
TRAGIC poet John Keats might be centre-stage but new movie Bright Star - charting the short life of the Romantic poet - has revealed an unexpected new talent.
In 1818, poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) generously welcomes widower Mrs Brawne (Kerry Fox) and her children, including 18-year-old Fanny (Abbie Cornish), into his London pile.
Summary: Bright Star actor Ben Whishaw said he "fell in love" with the poet John Keats while portraying him in the Palme d'Or-nominated film.