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a dissolute character in Shakespeare's plays

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Barrie Rutter, as the libidinous Sir John Falstaff, tries his luck with the ladies in Northern Broadsides' production of William Shakespeare's The Merry Wives, which is on stage at the Liverpool Playhouse until Saturday Picture: NOBBY CLARKE
In Act III, Scene III, Mistress Ford and Mistress Page prepare a surprise for Sir John Falstaff, who has been flirting with both these women, even though he knows that they are married.
John Jowett claimed that Shakespeare may have changed the name "Russell" to 'Bardolph' in 1 Henry IV, and subsequent plays in which that character appears, because of imposed censorship from powerful individuals, the same reason he changed "Sir John Oldcastle" to "Sir John Falstaff.
The Merry Wives of Windsor" is an operatic retelling of the William Shakespeare comedy about the exploits of the swaggering blowhard, Sir John Falstaff, and the wily women who outsmart him.
Prince Hal, son of King Henry IV, seems to be squandering his life away with the fat knight Sir John Falstaff and the whores, boozers and petty rogues of Eastcheap.
In the open-air production, wayward knight Sir John Falstaff 's plans to woo a pair of wealthy married women become unstuck when they realise what he is up to.
54) by their past and their present quarrels, and the extent of the malady that has befallen Henry's kingdom emerged in Prince John's gleeful but uncivil tricking of the rebel leaders (young men, too, can be given to lying), and in Colville's absurd surrender to the "famous" Sir John Falstaff.
His composure has a limit, and it is illustrated in the stretched belly of Sir John Falstaff, for it is finally Falstaff's appetite, more than any major or minor unlawful offense, that is rendered obscurely criminal in one of Henry V's first acts as king.
Illyria present Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor, which features the fat knight Sir John Falstaff, and deals with Elizabethanera English middle class life.
In it Sir John Falstaff (Sid James) arrives at Windsor penniless and decides to court two wealthy women (Hatti Jacques and Joan Sims) in order to gain pecuniary advantage.
More importantly, they do not turn "1 Henry IV" into a the Sir John Falstaff show despite the not inconsiderable presence of Geoff Elliott in the role of the fat knight.
Eventually the huge cartoonish figure of Sir John Falstaff lumbered through the doors with Terfel just about recognisable under the scaffold of disguise.
John Falstaff Randy Quaid Frank Ford Robert Cuccioli Agnes Ford Lauren Kennedy George Page Dan Sharkey Margaret Anne Page Dee Hoty Miss Anne Page Kara Lindsay Miss Quickly Ramona Keller
The action of this historical play steers between the court and a rowdy tavern in Eastcheap, where the dominating presence is the big sack of a man called John Falstaff.
When John Falstaff justifies the morality of purse-taking as a proper exercise of his "vocation," he is invoking the ethical autonomy of his field of activity.
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