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American painter who did portraits of Paul Revere and John Hancock before fleeing to England to avoid the American Revolution (1738-1815)

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John Copley and John Arnold nailed a succession of three-pointers to aid Vikings' cause, and The home team ran out 84-75 winners.
But Beaumont went through an agent and used the name John Copley.
Five appendices provide existing texts of: Taverner's letters; the Inquisition post mortem; Rose Taverner's will; commentary on John Copley, probably Rose's husband before Taverner; and an accounting of a loan from John Taverner to Anthony Robertson.
Veterans: 1 Gary Rogers; 2 Jed Stone; 3 John Copley; 4 Gary Collins.
After Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown and peace negotiations began, Trumbull's friends Edmund Burke, Benjamin West, and John Copley intervened on his behalf and won his release.
Directed by John Copley. Sets, John Conklin; costumes, Robert Perdziola; lighting, Duane Schuler.
Occasionally an item is offensive, such as John Copley's "Precious Ointment" (1923).
John Copley completed portraits of Colonel Epes Sargent and Mrs.
An operation of this magnitude requires a strong general, and director John Copley amply fills the role, at times dictatorially, at others cajolingly, but always in full control.
The respected director John Copley returns after his iconic Tosca of several decades ago, the wondrously-named Stuart Hopps is the choreographer, and the cast is a starry one.
Director John Copley has created a stylish, light-hearted interpretation of this operetta with its familiar foot-tapping waltzes and polkas.
JOHN Copley doesn't want you to sit in the theatre scratching your head, trying to analyse some great intellectual concept he has for Welsh National Opera's new production of Die Fledermaus.
Okulitch's Figaro kept his shirt off throughout the opera's opening scene, which director John Copley used to establish a playful intimacy between Figaro and Susanna--the pert, precocious soprano, Lyubov Petrova--that never flagged.
He was charged with dishonestly obtaining a rental agreement on a house at North Road in Kirkburton by falsely representing himself as John Copley.
John Copley's stark production didn't make up for any lack of vocal pyrotechnics by substituting theatrical ones.