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(22) The son's investment in 268 acres and a twelve-room stone inn at Breadalbane was well in excess of [pounds sterling]500, some of it borrowed from his father, who had himself invested heavily in the refurbishment of the John Barleycorn. (23) Both Lodge families were now ruined.
These include Coquetdale Past and Present, Coquet Meander, Sett for Sunday, Dippie's View and John Barleycorn.
His character John Barleycorn wakes after thousands of years to find himself in a grey and lifeless city filled with grey, lifeless people.
In the conclusion of my 2005 book, "John Barleycorn Must Die: The War Against Drink in Arkansas," I sug-gested that an uneasy truce in the wet-dry battles had been established.
15 menu at the Warren Hotel was printed with a black background and a tribute: "In memoriam, John Barleycorn.''
I mean, those long hours in the company of bold John Barleycorn - not to mention the bonny barmaids he bedded?
The supposed ritual origins of 'John Barleycorn' and 'The Derby Ram', and the 'medieval allegory' theories regarding 'The Bold Fisherman', are brushed aside peremptorily, while Roud remarks drily of the claim that the villainous 'Outlandish Knight' represents some ancient water-monster: 'but why such a being can by killed by throwing him in the water is never explained'.
They included The Rigs O'Barley, Man Was Made To Mourn, To A Louse, John Barleycorn and The Cotter's Saturday Night.
On one occasion, he drank enough alcohol to become intoxicated, then jumped into San Francisco Bay hoping to drown himself, or so he insists in his memoir about his own bouts with alcoholism, John Barleycorn. The cold water had the effect of waking him.
Others said that Sam's fondness for John Barleycorn may have tested Eliza's tolerance.
The evening ended with a rendering of "John Barleycorn" and the wobbly anthem "Joe Hill" by Fergal Gay nor, who was accompanied by Marja on the boxharp.
Adam Beschizza gave her a super ride and I'm delighted for the owners who all drink in the John Barleycorn pub in Duxford."
of John Barleycorn in England, of Johnny Appleseed in America, of