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the last book of the New Testament

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52) Professor Fiorenza's insight confirms the Judeo-Christian nature of John's Revelation narrative, linking together the ancient Hebrew Scriptures with the Christian New Testament's fulfillment of the messianic promise.
Although presented as a product of work in progress towards a contemporary commentary on the City of God, this essay collection stands on its own merits as an investigation of Augustine's perception of history, his interpretation of John's Revelation, and the reception of the City of God in later eras.
Christophe Nestor reveals Tiffauges's special destiny to the latter (Tournier 62) and alludes to the notion of the "great tribulation" so central to John's Revelation (cf.
There are groups who engage in "retroapocalypse," usually conservative Christian literalists who assert that John's Revelation speaks immediately to our time.
One then recalls that John's revelations herald not just horror but rebirth: from the Zone's strife-ridden city rises the New Jerusalem.
I find it puzzling that so many Kenyan commentators who take umbrage at John's revelations routinely manage to forget the weeks of excellent coverage the Nation dedicated to Anglo Leasing back in January 2006.