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replied John, looking at the place where the horse had been, as if not yet understanding quite, what had become of him.
Having, in the absence of any more words, put this sudden climax to what he had faintly intended should be a long explanation of the whole life and character of his man, the oracular John Willet led the gentleman up his wide dismantled staircase into the Maypole's best apartment.
John put them, with a trembling hand, on the table.
I hope you'll--ha--overlook--hum--what has passed, John.
John was requested to order home a dozen or so of little pots and an extra quantity of sugar, for their own currants were ripe and were to be attended to at once.
She longed to run home, bib and all, and ask Mother to lend her a hand, but John and she had agreed that they would never annoy anyone with their private worries, experiments, or quarrels.
I neglected that piece of business,' said John, anticipating comment; and then in his own dialect: 'I clean forgot all about it.
I have,' answered poor John, the blood leaping to his face.
But John Harned did not go to Quito for the bull-fight.
But John Harned followed Maria Valenzuela to Quito, and it was quickly clear to us--to Luis Cervallos and me that she looked upon John Harned with great kindness.
That I should, sir," said John, "but I would not stand in his light for the world.
With which reply, Miss Squeers adjusted the bonnet and veil, which nothing but supernatural interference and an utter suspension of nature's laws could have reduced to any shape or form; and evidently flattering herself that it looked uncommonly neat, brushed off the sandwich-crumbs and bits of biscuit which had accumulated in her lap, and availing herself of John Browdie's proffered arm, descended from the coach.
So Little John clad himself all in scarlet and started off to the Fair at Nottingham Town.
John, love, kiss Ma and Lavvy, and then we shall all be at home and comfortable.
Nor was it less agreeable to observe how John the Carrier, reference being made by Dot to the aforesaid baby, checked his hand when on the point of touching the infant, as if he thought he might crack it; and bending down, surveyed it from a safe distance, with a kind of puzzled pride, such as an amiable mastiff might be supposed to show, if he found himself, one day, the father of a young canary.