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German printer who was the first in Europe to print using movable type and the first to use a press (1400-1468)

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And shortly thereafter, the knowledge of these early inventions made their way to Strasbourg and Mainz where Johann Gutenberg would refine and perfect them in their industrial form--yielding his now-famous Gutenberg Bible through a process that changed everything.
The tradition of book publishing has left us with remarkable incunabula (books "from the cradle," the earliest period of publishing in the West produced using moveable type), representing the pioneering work of such fifteenth-century printers as Johann Gutenberg and Anton Koberger; contemporary artisans who create livres d'artiste ("artists' books"; see Pierre Lecuire, featured in our Summer 1980 issue, pp.
The Bible was the first book to be printed using the technique of movable type printing, which Johann Gutenberg invented in the 1450s.
Johann Gutenberg's famous Bible - which appeared in 1455 in two volumes - had 1284 pages and took three years of constant printing to complete.
Although many of us may credit Johann Gutenberg's invention of movable type as the start of the publishing industry, O'Reilly pointed out that the invention of the printing press played only one part in the launching of publishing.
We started our research by reading the standard-bearer, Johann Gutenberg and his Bible (New York: Typophiles, 1988) by Janet Ing, on the fragmentary evidence that has come down to us about Gutenberg.
Noting in his foreword that an American team of journalists designated Johann Gutenberg as the "man of the millennium" due to his immeasurable impact on human communication, Stephen Fussel examines the first century after Gutenberg's invention, from the initial spread of printing technology across Europe to its role in Humanistic philosophy and the Protestant Reformation.
Since the time the printing press and movable type was invented by Johann Gutenberg around the year 1450 AD, mass media has been busy shaping, and at times manipulating, what people perceive to be 'truth' or 'reality'.
Johann Gutenberg: The pen/May be mightier/Than the sword//But/The sword/Can be rather effective/On Occasion.
In Western or European civilisation the oldest dated example of printing by moveable type still in existence is a Papal 'Indulgence' printed in 1454 in the mining town of Mainz, southern Germany, most probably by Johann Gutenberg. (1) The 'Indulgence' was an official authorisation or receipt granted by the Pope, purchased by an individual to forgive the temporal punishment applicable to their sins.
Fust is perhaps most famous for having foreclosed on his debtor, Johann Gutenberg, after the inventor of movable type was unable to repay his creditor.
The music is from the second chorus of a cantata by Felix Mendelssohn, which was written in 1840 to commemorate Johann Gutenberg and the invention of printing.
Authorities investigating the 19-year-old killer's past revised earlier accounts that he had been expelled only weeks ago from Erfurt's Johann Gutenberg Gymnasium high school, where he gunned down 13 teachers, two teenage students and a policeman on Friday before killing himself.
The killer, described as a loner who boasted about his Satanist practices, returned to the school, the Johann Gutenberg Gymnasium, several weeks after being expelled.