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United States author who wrote the stories about Uncle Remus (1848-1908)

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Today's students don't know about Joel Harris, Michael Davis, Joseph Green, Kenitha Saafir, or Kristin High.
Joel Harris is the national sales manager for Kahles North America.
Joel Harris, president of M2 Financial and the new CEO of M2 Europe, sees the acquisition as an important strategic building block to growing its customer base in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Police are appealing for information to help locate Joel Harris, 30, pictrued right, after a suspicious incident at around 10am in Brithdir Street, Cathays, on November 17.
Joel Harris, a vice president with Harrisvaccines said, We are very close to people very worried about what could happen if the virus returns again .
UNDER-11 La Liga One side Blyth Town Whites won 6-3 at Wideopen Wanderers with goals from Ethan Clasper, Thomas Green, Joel Harris and Kieren McLean (3).
Julia Crossley, 24, from Mossley Hill had travelled to Pisa to spend a week with her boyfriend Joel Harris, and ended up getting engaged.
Kahles announced the appointment of Joel Harris as national sales coordinator.
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Joel Harris, who has served as CFO since October 2001, will remain as President of the Company.
Seven members of the gang, David Cook, Damien Farrugia, David Hale, Joel Harris, Anthony Watson, Elisha Mutsunge and Joseph Thomas.
Blyth Town Whites made the most of home advantage over Newcastle Westgate Warriors with Eathan Clasper, Joel Harris and Thomas Green (2) on target.
TasmaNet Managing Director, Joel Harris, said in the next five years, industry observers predict more than 75 per cent of all businesses will adopt some form of cloud computing for their ICT infrastructure.
Harris - Kelly and Joel Harris, of Lowell, a daughter.
Joel Harris, President, commented that "The first quarter results reflect two very important aspects of our business: first, we are experiencing year-to-year growth at the same time that we have reduced our operating expenses, and second, our revenue from services is providing predictability and stability.