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an Old Testament book telling Joel's prophecies

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My favorite iconic picture of the schoolboy Joel was the one by the Evening News photog - seated on his mother's swivel chair, both feet on her desk, telephoning to the outside world.
A photo on the site shows Joel cradling the new arrival.
Carol, 55, and Joel, 31, have flirted since arriving in camp, with Carol teasing Joel about "touching his stick" after he carved one for her.
Speaking to The Gazette for the first time, Joel, his parents Mandy and Paul, and his nana June have told of their joy at having him home again.
Joel even spotted Steven " Gerrard and Jamie Carragher inthe next box along and was invited to meet his heroes.
ELIO PACE performs The Billy Joel |Songbook at Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl
All applications will be judged on planning law, planning guidelines and on merit and not on any prejudicial interests of Joel and his friends.
Joel Osteen Radio" will debut this fall and bring Osteen's message to SiriusXM listeners nationwide, showcasing exclusive weekly call-in shows hosted by both Joel Osteen and Joel's wife, Victoria Osteen, co-pastor of Lakewood Church.
There were similar men, and as far as Joel could tell they were all men, scattered throughout the park--lying on the grass, lying on picnic benches.
Lucas is the big brother of Joel Bearder, who underwent heart surgery 10 weeks ago.
Thanks to a very generous and trusting couple in Bozeman, Montana, Joel Kuhnke and his father were able to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their family in Wisconsin.
whose love of the outdoors and desire to challenge himself to some degree seem to have genuinely paved the way to medical school: Long before settling in Sacramento, it turns out, Joel had seen California before.
The Prophet Joel has a book in the Tanakh named for him and devoted exclusively to his prophecy.