Book of Joel

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an Old Testament book telling Joel's prophecies


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"And filet mignon with champignons," said Joe. "Were is the olive fork?"
It hurt awfully, Joe. And the dear girl was so sorry!
"Sit down here a moment, Dele," said Joe. He drew her to the couch, sat beside her and put his arm across her shoulders.
'Ay, I mind,' returned Joe. 'She'll need it, Heaven knows.'
Give 'em to her mother, Joe. A great deal better give
'She,' thought Joe. 'Which of 'em I wonder--Mrs or Miss?' The locksmith settled the doubt as neatly as if it had been expressed aloud, by leading him to the door, and saying, 'Martha, my dear, here's young Mr Willet.'
New York might be too much for her, but she could cope with Joe.
Certainly there was something compelling about this new Joe. Mary took the pencil and pad which he offered--and she took them meekly.
The effect of Eddy's suavity had been to make Mary forget the position in which she now stood to Joe. Eddy had created for the moment quite an old-time atmosphere of good fellowship.
He's an awfully good fellow really, Joe. And if you--er--quarrelled with him you might find it hard--what I mean is, it's not so easy to pick up jobs in New York, I shouldn't like to think of you, Mary,' he added, tenderly, 'hunting for a job--tired--perhaps hungry--'
She became an ordinary individual again, and so did Joe. And to Joe, as an ordinary individual, she objected.
'Dunsterville does not offer quite the same scope,' said Joe.
Lucie was reduced to tears following her partner being sent home, and confessed her feelings about Joe.
Keep the cards coming as we celebrate a 100 years with GI Joe......