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Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (1879-1953)

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And as Joe Stalin glowered balefully from behind his Iron Curtain, people crammed cinemas not simply to see Danny Kaye as Walter Mitty or James Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life, but to get the warmth so bone-chillingly missed in homes with empty coal scuttles.
Some of the prime minister's thinking was touched by innocence, especially the notion that he might prevail on Uncle Joe Stalin to stop spying abroad.
If Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin and Saddam Hussein stood as Labour candidates they'd be elected.
It was at the Potsdam Conference 57 years ago that Joe Stalin delivered his notorious sneer when Churchill pointed out Polish Catholics would not take kindly to Communist occupation.
How about Joe Stalin in the instant before Beria's bullet hit him?
Further, Hays declared, "I sometimes wish Uncle Mike Gold would rise and slay these demons:' When these bombastic threats were issued, "Uncle" Joe Stalin was literally slaying the "demons" in Russian literature, including such geniuses as Boris Pilnyak, Isaac Babel, and Osip Mandelshtam.
Just now we are being invited to look again at the Cambridge spies in a television series about the 'idealistic' traitors who were dumb enough to fall into the clutches of the monstrous Joe Stalin.
At one point Khrushchev asked his boss, Joe Stalin, why he had pulled back the Soviet advisers.
LONDON With a dogged long-termism that Joe Stalin would be proud of, Nik Powell is halfway through his 10-year plan to invigorate the European Film Academy.
What Don Fitz wrote in your issue #20 took me back to the days of the Cold War, when the Communist press would explain that entirely accurate accusations against Joe Stalin were capitalist lies.
Carr had a lucid and cogently argued infatuation, first with Germany and then, after the German June 1941 invasion of Russia, with Uncle Joe Stalin -- in this later affair he was not alone as the heroics of the USSR were much admired by many at the time, including such rightwing mavericks as Max Beaverbrook.
Our ally in the recent war, Uncle Joe Stalin, as the Accidental President Harry S.
There was no great inconsistency in being against both Joe Stalin and Joe McCarthy.
Many intelligent Americans read and believed the Daily Worker and thought highly of Uncle Joe Stalin, who, at Yalta, sat smilingly beside the dying F.
He was part of a generation that loathed Fascism and rallied to help Uncle Joe Stalin.