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a hypothetical average man

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Whether your name's Paul Gascoigne or Joe Soap, it still doesn't give one the right to use racial abuse to someone just because they haven't got the same colour skin as you.
The chat takes place between a fictional Dublin Bus driver and a member of the public, Joe Soap, as they have a pint.
She explained: "I moved to London about a year-and-a-half ago to be closer to my family and when I come back I'm just like any regular Joe Soap.
Qualtrough,' Billy kept saying, but John had his own suggestions: Dilly Dally, Tom Tiddler, Joe Soap, Smithy, and so on, but Billy shook his head to each idea.
As council taxpayers we are paying for this when poor old Joe Soap has to pay for his own transport to and from work.
It's hard enough to make time to see your chums for a coffee in Starbucks if you are just Joe Soap.
Joe Soap of course, as usual, takes the punishment.
But Joe Soap motorist can see a lot of their activities are daft and not needed.
The course was Ferndown and as we soon left the chap who wasn't Joe Soap a long way behind, we enjoyed it greatly.
For old bores of 45 like me (age, not waist), there has been a welcome culture change whereby Joe Soap can look forward to how many times we are going to see top horses run, rather than worrying how rarely we will have the pleasure of watching them in action.
So Joe Soap and Mary Soap, who never had a lot, got the loans for the second house and leveraged the third house off the second house, and the fourth on the third.
Somebody, I suppose, has to pay for these toilets to be repaired due to vandalism and that usually means Mr and Mrs Joe Soap.
If I was an ordinary Joe Soap, nobody would pay any attention to me.
I enjoyed my jousting with him but I am a professional in a sense and I don't think it would have been so agreeable if I had been an ordinary Joe Soap.
But isn't it truly ludicrous that at a time when we're celebrating the bright new dawn of the next thousand years, Joe Soap and his digger can't even dig a hole safely?