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Canadian politician who served as prime minister (1939-)

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Qualified Girls singles winner Laura Buxel (centre); runner-up Kirsty McKendrick (right) and bronze medallist Rosie Haythorne (left) with Joe Clark and Paul O'Shea.
Coach Matt Stanforth chats to James Smith as Joe Clark (glasses) and Sam Kwan look on
After 15 years of R&D, and successful flight-testing, the FlexFoil variable geometry control surface mechanism ushers in a new frontier in aircraft design, said Sridhar Kota, Founder and President of FlexSys, We are thrilled to enter into a joint venture with Aviation Partners who, under the dynamic leadership of Joe Clark, has a proven track record of transforming innovative ideas into successful aviation products with benefits to the global marketplace.
Joe Clark, Canada's prime minister in 1979, made the remarks at a screening of the documentary ''Our Man in Tehran'' at the Toronto International Film Festival.
While talking to an eight-member delegation of National Democratic Institute (NDI) led by Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada, Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan said that Code of Conduct for the political parties and candidates has already been finalized and sent to the political parties for their valuable response and now it will be finalized in the meeting of Special Committee for Electoral Issues on December 31, 2012.
He was also favourite to take the cadet boys title but was surprisingly beaten in the final by Joe Clark of the Northfield club in Billingham.
And Joe Clark, a member of the organising team, said he and his colleagues were determined to show that whisky was far more than an old man's drink.
The more positive senses of "Red Toryism" have also been downplayed in Canada, in favour of opportunistic, pedestrian outlooks, especially as typified by Joe Clark, who was briefly Prime Minister of Canada for nine months in 1979-1980 (and leader of the federal Progressive Conservatives between 1976-1983).
Canada, with its increasingly diverse population, has the capacity to "respect and bridge conflicting identities and different values and to seek enough common ground to build trust and respect and then collaboration," said Joe Clark, who became Canada's youngest prime minister in 1979 at the age of 39.
13 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit on Tuesday met with former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark who is currently visiting Kingdom at invitation of the the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs to review his experience in constitutional reforms in Canada.
I was encouraged to hear that former Prime Minister Joe Clark is speaking out about poverty in Canada.
According to Joe Clark, chairman and CEO of Aviation Partners, the company is delivering winglets to commercial airline and private jet owners at a rate to equip more than 500 aircraft a year.
Joe Clark, 93, and Lewis Earl, 90, joined the same artillery unit as teenagers and maintained fire as Hitler's troops swamped the besieged French port in May 1940.
Joe Clark, managing partner of Financial Enhancement Group, said investors have for now absorbed all the good news possible to push stocks higher.