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contract between employer and employee

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Did the team send any MLA to get the documents, Harris asked the JIT head, who replied that a two team member themselves visited Dubai for the purpose and got verified the documents related to the job contract of former prime minister.
Embassies also refuse to attest renewed job contracts of existing workers in the UAE.
The job contract of Raza Shah is about to expire very soon, they added.
The format is expected to provide guidelines for clauses to be included in the job contracts on conditions for sponsorship change and entitlement to exit permit waiver or otherwise.
One such limitation regards parties' will in signing job contracts; "although a job contract is an agreement, due to its nature and characteristics and its relationship with public social order, it is not completely dependent upon the will of the parties; rather, law and public power supervise and control it both in the stage of signing the contract and in the stage of it administration".
"It is important for them to fully understand the job contract before signing it and also ensure they have a copy of this document with them."
He said: "The necessary conditions of confidence and calm are not there, either among young people or companies, to allow the application of the first job contract."
Since the new system came into force on January 1, the embassy has been attesting job contracts of 15 to 20 maids a day, he said.
Companies owned by the government have been directed by the ministry to follow the Labour Law regulations to include details of employees in job contracts. The job contract should include the work type, contract duration, basic salary and allowances, the notice period to terminate the job contract and the other terms and conditions.
"The move is part of plans to fast-track four million transactions -- one million applications for new work permits, another million for renewal of these permits, a third million applications for new job contract and a million for renewing job contract every year -- so that any transaction will take maximum 48 hours to complete instead of a minimum of 15 days at present," said Humaid Bin Deemas Al Suwaidi, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs, told a news conference.
Al Suwaidi explained once plans to fast-track transactions are in place in the first quarter of next year, all an employer has to do to get a work permit or a duly attested job contract completed at the Ministry of Labour is to submit just a job contract signed by the employer and the worker when a worker arrived in the UAE.
After the approval from two Indian authorities, the employer submits the job contract of the workers with the ministry, which will be the relevant document to refer, if any disputes arises, he explained.