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a city in northeastern Brazil near the Atlantic Ocean to the north of Recife

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2) Programa de Pos Graduacao em Ecologia e Conservacao, Universidade Estadual da Paraiba campus V, Joao Pessoa, PB (Brasil)
More than 3,000 university students from 45 countries are participating in this competition while more than 60,000 visitors from many countries are also expected to visit Joao Pessoa to watch these competitions.
The mayors of Cuiaba, Recife, Joao Pessoa and other cities have already announced a reduction in bus fares in response to the protests.
With today's announcement, the company's worldwide hosting locations include Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New York City, NY; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Washington, DC; Montreal, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Joao Pessoa, Brazil; London, United Kingdom; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Bucharest, Romania; Sydney, Australia; New Delhi, India; and Singapore, Singapore.
In the northeast, the PT won only in Joao Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba, and in the north, it won only in Rio Branco, the capital of Arce.
Avis is renting late-model vehicles in South America in locations ranging from Medellin in the north to southernmost Tierra del Fuego, and from Quito on the Pacific coast to Joao Pessoa, Brazil, the easternmost city on the continent.
The contract comprises equipment for the Caxitu project, a new greenfield cement plant in Paraiba State near the town of Joao Pessoa, and for a new kiln line project at the Cezarina cement plant located in Golas State, 130 km from Goiania.
folder 10) A cidade de Joao Pessoa recomenda um despertar vagaroso.
With the new codesharing Delta is now selling service on GOL flights between Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia and 15 Brazilian destinations: Belem, Belo Horizonte, Cuiaba, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Fortaleza, Goiania, Iguassu Falls, Joao Pessoa, Navegantes, Porto Alegre, Recife, Salvador, Teresina and Vitoria.
One such opportunity is the Tambaba Country Club Resort located near the historic city of Joao Pessoa in the north eastern state of Paraiba.
Avenida Manoel Moraes, 471/802--Manaira 58038-230 Joao Pessoa, PB, Brasil
Brazilian Symposium on Functional and Structural Materials (1st: 2009: Joao Pessoa, Brazil) Ed.
The study took place in three shrimp farming compounds for marine shrimps Litopenaeus vannamei, located in the municipalities of Joao Pessoa and Lucena, in the state of Paraiba, and in Tibau do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
This finance facility has leveraged local finance to support renewable energy-based agricultural systems in Joao Pessoa in Brazil.
Laboratorio de Genetica de Microrganismos Departamento de Biologia Molecular Centro de Ciencias Exatas e da Natureza Universidade Federal da Paraiba Joao Pessoa (PB), Brazil