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United States film actress (1908-1977)


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Joan Crawford first came across the novel of the same name and realised she had found the perfect part for herself playing an actress who is left paraplegic after a car accident.
It was Joan Crawford who read the book and thought it would make a fine vehicle for herself and Miss Davis.
Hunt was a costumer for Columbia Pictures for 15 years, and is most remembered for his work on The Milton Berle Show, Saturday Night Review and the Colgate Comedy Hour, as well as styling such stars as Anne Baxter, Joan Crawford, Eartha Kitt, Ruta Lee and Donna Wynter.
And what he wanted was for Clark Gable and Joan Crawford to end their passionate six-month affair.
Greta Scacchi takes on the role of Bette Davis while Anita Dobson plays Joan Crawford in the West End hit Bette And Joan, which is now on tour.
Like the Monroe photos, Arnold's sessions with Joan Crawford produced an astonishing body of work.
When I married, I became Joan Crawford and - younger readers won't get it but ask your grannies - I suffered endless jokes about how often I beat my kids with wire coat hangers.
This is the same role that won Joan Crawford an Oscar in 1945.
It was clear that he had a deep understanding of Hollywood glam divas of the '40s and '50s like Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, and Marilyn Monroe.
Mildred Pierce (1945): Noir soap opera with Joan Crawford (near right, with and Ann Blyth, who played her daughter) going through the wringer as a hard-working divorcee.
They instantly evoke Jean Harlow and Joan Crawford leaning in repose, ready to pounce on their next hero.
The only fault I found in the book was on page 232, where the author has Olivia de Havilland as the sister of Joan Crawford.
It is obvious that the part of Emily was written expressly for her, and she handles the dialogue in three languages (English, French and Mandarin), but her impressive linguistic skills are not enough to carry an essentially, cliched melodrama, the kind that Joan Crawford used to chew up in another era.
JQ: You recently exhorted audiences to see as much as they can of the cinemas of Joan Crawford and Carl Theodor Dreyer.
23, 1976; the ashes of longtime patron Phil Kennedy; a letter from Joan Crawford on her personal stationery; a trapdoor to 55th Street used during Prohibition as a way to get buckets full of beer through; and a backlit sign from a Brooklyn-Queens subway train.