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Synonyms for jive

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for jive

a style of jazz played by big bands popular in the 1930s

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Sarasota was slow to pick up on the coffee-house trend, but now that it has arrived, everyone is jivin' on java.
On many occasions during World War II, women were wrongly perceived as immature and unsuitable for serious "men's work." The 1944 safety poster having the theme "Don't Mix Jivin' With Your Drivin'" reinforces this stereotype.
Playing the late show from 11.30pm, it'll be hot, groovy, and enough to make you think you're Isaac Hayes in some '70s Blaxploitation movie.You'll be jivin' well into the wee, small hours.
Another radio host, KRVM's beloved longtime broadcaster Jivin' Johnny Etheredge, said it quite plainly: "The Beach Boys are responsible for my career."
Our Mam's laughing at our concerts, you Doris Day me Connie F r a n c i s , every Monday night jivin' in the Locarno.
Of course, some of us were mere babes, no--prodigies, no--better yet, shuckin' and jivin' at a time when it was possible to laugh out loud, to be black and proud, and tap dance to any old beat, beat, beat.
We have fun-loving, high jivin', jammin' music and dance themes, sport and game series, elegant painterly art, as well as sophisticated, romantic art.
And while he's no longer a full-time broadcaster, "Jivin' Johnny" has carved out a life for himself that blends his love of roots music, education and entertaining.
( There'll be a party up in Heaven, our Tommy's at the pearly gates, he'll be dancin' with the angels and jivin' with the holy saints.
Also of interest are Daryl Cumber Dance Shuckin' and jivin': Folklore from contemporary black Americans (Bloomington: Indiana U P, 1978) and Mel Watkins, On the real side: Laughing, lying, and signifying -- The underground tradition of African-American humor that transformed American culture from slavery to Richard Pryor (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1994).
"I will never hear a Beach Boys song without thinking of 'Beach Boy Bob,' " writes Jivin' Johnny Etheredge, a disc jockey at Eugene's KRVM-FM, in one of those e-mails to Kandy.
JIVIN': The days of Cilla Black and Gerry Marsden at the Cavern in the 60s; GET TOGETHER: Jean Scott, Eileen Hill, Margaret Thompson and Hilda Stewart with their Dingle pals
Dance's 1978 collection Shuckin' and Jivin': Folklore from Contemporary Black Amen cans might be mentioned, whereas her groundbreaking 1987 study Long Gone: The Mecklenberg Six & The Theme of Escape in Black Folklore never is.
KRVM DJ Jivin' Johnny Etheredge will emcee, a news release says.