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at the last possible moment

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According to JIT, removing inventory exposes pre-existing manufacturing inefficiencies, a beneficial forcing function that constantly improves processes that drive inventory reductions.
The report said that Usman owns land adjacent to the house of Sharif and the JIT learnt through technical monitoring that he had sent a group of 4-5 suicide bombers to Raiwind.
The addition of Jit to our Board should help demystify who will become the dominant player in this burgeoning ecosystem.
Another way that JIT is continuously innovating is in finding new ways to increase the connectedness with their clients and prospects through various social-media outlets.
Earlier, it had been presumed that Jit died intestate.
We are thoroughly delighted to establish the close working relationship and subsequent strategic agreement with JIT Solaire.
One of the solution is the implementation of JIT systems, proved they are truly capable of responding to customer demand whatever its level.
Charolette blessed our marriage and as we promised to love each other all over again I realised how in love I still was with Jit and always would be.
However, manufacturing literature during the last two decades shows that world class JIT manufacturers have dominated their competitors not only in the areas of price, quality, and manufacturing speed but also in the areas of innovation, design, and new product development speed (Bebb, 1989; Dumaine, 1989a & b; Blackburn, 1991; Clark and Fujimoto, 1991; Ulrich and Eppinger, 2000).
According to Moore, the supply on hand of OCC/ONP at mills has declined markedly from the early 1990s, as the mills adopted JIT or "Just-In-Time" inventory practices, following suit with other manufacturers.
While JIT is very useful for end buyers, such as automobile manufacturers that process or assemble the final products for merchants and consumers, it is not necessarily useful for suppliers of parts and materials to these types of buyers.
Some Customs needs, unfortunately, conflict with JIT practices.
Parthus Technologies plc (Nasdaq: PRTH) (LSE: PRH), a provider of platform-level semiconductor intellectual property (IP), has announced the launch and immediate availability of MachStream, the industry's most power efficient application acceleration platform using hardware-based JIT technology.
That memorandum (which has not been revoked) asserted that the consulting fees, training costs, moving expenses and plant design changes associated with conversion to JIT manufacturing were not deductible and had to be capitalized.