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an ancient city in northeastern China noted for coal mining and steel production

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The walk deck will be extended to the southernmost Jinyang Mart building by 2020.
The Fuhong coal mine in Jinyang New District of Guiyang City flooded at approximately 9:00 a.m., Xinhua quoted a spokesman with the provincial work safety bureau as saying.
Jinyang New District official Ding Xudong said all the dead had been identified and members of their families had arrived in Guiyang by midday today.
Universal Travel Group (NYSE: UTA), a travel services provider in China, has completed acquisitions of Shanxi Jinyang Travel Agency Co Ltd (Shanxi Jinyang) and Kunming Business Travel Agency Co Ltd (Kunming Business Travel).
New Delhi, Aug 3 (ANI): Two drunk Chinese men were left stranded on the road after they filled their car's tank with alcohol instead of petrol in Jinyang, Shanxi province.he two men were returning from a party last Saturday, when their car broke down on a highway.