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a port city in western South Korea on the Yellow Sea

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(24) Yang Jinsen and Gao Zhibao, eds., Yatai diqu de haiyang zhengce (Maritime Policy around the Asian-Pacific Ocean) (Beijing: Ocean Press, 1990), p.
Buddha Boy (Koja, 2003) is the story of the growing friendship between Justin, a reserved student whose goal is to complete school without being noticed, and Jinsen, a devout Buddhist.
Jinsen, impresses Justin when he sees his drawing ability, which is incredible.
The two, both from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, are Seiichi Eto, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Health, Labor and Welfare, and panel executive member Jinsen Nagase, their aides said.
(M, H) High school "jocks" target Jinsen as a freak because of his spiritual differences.