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Indian statesman who was the founder of Pakistan as a Muslim state (1876-1948)

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When this did not happen it was then that Jinnah demanded for Pakistan.
The court granted permission to Dr Asim to leave for Dubai for his treatment and sought a report to find out if he could be treated at Jinnah hospital.
03 ( ANI ): Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah didn't want a separate country for Muslims, but happened due to Indian leaders' refusal to accept minority status for Muslims and Sikh in the country.
There was a long list of leaders who supported Jinnah.
Fatima Jinnah Women University aims to provide quality education to the women of Pakistan.
In his typical, highly rational way, Jinnah allowed the affair to mature.
Raza Pirbhai has written a book on Fatima Jinnah after research of five years because he wanted to show Fatima Jinnah as a person considering the fact that existing literature has covered her more as a politician and Jinnah's sister.
Jinnah has often been accused of neglecting Ratti, but he was forced to busy himself in taking up more and more briefs, partly to pay for Ratti's extravagance.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony of Mohammad Ali Jinnah Library in Islamia College University Peshawar today he paid rich tributes to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah for devoting his live for services of Muslims of the Sub-continent.
The president said that the ideal way to pay tribute to Jinnah is not tohesitate from any sacrifice for the development and prosperity of themotherland.
Sadiq Khan said that he was proud to unveil the bust of the great Muhammad Ali Jinnah to honour him.
During this time Jinnah included Dina in his will written in 1939.
In this article some of the facts twisting and misleading the attitude of Gandhi during the Pakistan Movement and while dealing with Jinnah have been pointed out.
Most of these studies have looked at Jinnah as some kind of passive by-stander; whether he is portrayed as 'savior', or driven by personal ambition to be the 'sole spokesman' of Indian Muslims, or because there was a 'vacuum' and dearth of leaders, hence Jinnah could emerge as filler or the hostility of the Indian National Congress and Mohandas K.
The Indian political party BJP's MP Mangal Prabhat Lodha has urged the Indian government to declare the Jinnah House in Mumbai "enemy property" and hand over the building to the Maharashtra state.