Jim Crow

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barrier preventing blacks from participating in various activities with whites

a crowbar fitted with a claw for pulling nails

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Woodward's motive was to enlighten with factual information about how "Jim Crowism" began and evolved into its current status.
Ticket to Exile is a classic portrayal of Jim Crowism and deserves a place on the shelves of all libraries.
(6) As Kelley notes in his Race Rebels, infrapolitics and organized resistance "are two sides of the same coin that make up the history of working class resistance." (7) Not only does the accumulation of individual acts of resistance shape the nature of power, Kelley's assertion that one way to conceptualize the modern civil rights movement as "a public declaration of a hidden transcript; a direct challenge to Jim Crowism by people who had heretofore resisted quietly" holds particular resonance for the emergence of the DFD in 1964.
In his carefully figured equations, the Fascists are to Jews as Southern supremacists are to Blacks; Aryanism is to humanity as Jim Crowism is to Civil Rights; Nazi Germany is to murdered citizens as the British Empire is to its Black martyrs in South Africa.
The decision made apartheid, segregation, Jim Crowism, and racism in public education illegal.
The racially restrictive environment of this period ensured that despite their success as players, the role of African Americans in golf would be defined in the context of Jim Crowism as that of permanent golf course servants.
citizenship and with fighting the oppression of post-Reconstruction "Jim Crowism." That struggle, combined with the stratification patterns inherited from the slavocracy in which black intra-group class structure was defined primarily by skin color and conspicuous consumption, began to erode the black community's collective sense of its own inherent racial and cultural worth.
blacks thrived under Plessy-sanctioned Jim Crowism.