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a Muslim who is involved in a jihad

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On the other side of the battle, the two jihadist groups, Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham and the Turkestan Islamic Party, are leading the defense of Kabani.
There is need to dig moant on this border to restrict movement of jihadists and bandits.
Most attacks in the former French colony are attributed to the jihadist group Ansarul Islam, which emerged near the Mali border in December 2016, and to the JNIM (Group to Support Islam and Muslims), which has sworn allegiance to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.Those groups are believed to be responsible for around 500 deaths since 2015.
The Chronicle would like to remind stakeholders that the Jihadists launched an attack on a church in Burkina Faso on April 29, 2019, after gunmen opened fire inside the protest church, killing six - the Pastor, two of his sons and three other worshippers.
He said, "In Bangladesh, another jihadist outfit named Hizbut Tahrir also has got itself affiliated with Islamic State.
The past few days have followed a set pattern: the SDF on the ground and its coalition allies in the sky unleash their superior firepower on the jihadist stronghold.At dawn, guns go silent to allow for the exit of the latest batch of jihadist families, pummelled into submission by the night's deluge of fire.
According to Begum, she has no regrets over going to Syria to marry a jihadist. Well, I'll have no regrets if she is refused entry back into the UK.
A jihadist named Anas, for example, shared: "I became addicted to it.
Iraqi forces launched a major operation against remnants of the Islamic State group on Wednesday following public anger over the jihadists' murder of a group of abducted civilians.
As Islamic State is squeezed more and more in the Middle East, returning jihadists are being told to attack in the UK.
Most local jihadist groups are neither related to nor directed by al-Qaeda even if they use the al-Qaeda brand name.
A family member told Sudan Tribune that the parents of the young Jihadist have learnt news of his death from an anonymous caller, saying they have not received any details about how he was killed.
On July 21 al-Qa'ida issued arguably its strongest rebuke ever to the Islamic State, warning that a pledge to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi meant being a "partner in every curse upon the Muslims" including "killing thousands of mujahideen." Our cover story by Clint Watts outlines how despite such rhetoric, competition between the two global jihadist powerhouses and their satellite groups has moved from a "destructive" phase in which they clashed with each other in Syria in the first half of 2014 to an "escalating" phase resulting in a surge in attacks worldwide.
After deadly jihadist attacks in France and Belgium, Swiss authorities are monitoring the social media activity of about 400 possible jihadists who might pose a security threat, the NDB federal intelligence service said last month.
For a long time, I have been arguing that there is a big security gap in Turkey, in which ISIL or other jihadist networks operate.