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a puzzle that requires you to reassemble a picture that has been mounted on a stiff base and cut into interlocking pieces

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This means gathering messages and transmitting data for decision making and control--fusing all the bits of a jig-saw puzzle to create a useable picture--using the latest technology.
The novel takes us on a beautiful journey through Chief Broom's mind that begins like a scattered jig-saw puzzle and takes on increased meaning, complexity, and beauty with each passing page.
Tom Nevin assembles the pieces of an intriguing jig-saw puzzle.
This collection of essays by experts from government officials to historians, curators and archaeologists sets out for the first time all the difficulties involved in putting the jig-saw puzzle back together.
A penetrating study of John Newton has long been one of the missing pieces in the jig-saw puzzle of Evangelical historiography.
"When the surgeon opened up his face he said it looked like a jig-saw puzzle," said Blades boss Neil Warnock.
He also enjoyed doing Jig-saw puzzles in his free time.
The molds are essentially multi-component, three-dimensional jig-saw puzzles. They must be assembled, preheated, loaded, compressed, disassembled, unloaded, stripped of cured runners and pad, and reassembled - all by hand - for every molding cycle.