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the emancipation of French and Turkish Jewries, are juxtaposed.
The interests, and therefore the underlying tendencies and viewpoints, of American and other Jewries, cannot fail to differ crucially from those of Israeli Jewry.
Many studies have analyzed how Jewries in different times and places, from the biblical era to the present, have been shaped by people, ideas, texts, and institutions that migrated across state lines and between cultures.
Objective: The two fundamental challenges of this project are the integration of medieval Jewries and their histories within the framework of European history without undermining their distinct communal status and the creation of a history of everyday medieval Jewish life that includes those who were not part of the learned elite.
Like most of Middle Eastern and North African Jewries under Muslim rule, they had been subjected for several centuries to the Ottoman dhimma system towards non-Muslim populations.
This alliance has the advantage of tying together major forces in those two previously isolationist Jewries in a common front that is making its ideas felt throughout Europe.
These questions seem particularly relevant with regard to the transnational entanglements between American and European Jewries over time, which have been curiously underexplored on both sides of the Atlantic.
When Western Jewries (German and American especially) eagerly reformulated themselves along denominational lines, they wittingly and unwittingly engaged in a process of protestantization.
Sephardi/ Mizrahi/ Arab Jews: Anthropological Reflections on Critical Sociology in Israel and the Study of Middle Eastern Jewries within the Context of Israeli Society.
Perhaps also we need to re-focus from how the Middle East problem looks from the perspective of top-down peace-making efforts in distant Oslo or even Camp David to a closer look at the fabric of coexistence of Sephardic and Oriental Jewries with Muslim and Arab societies during the 13 centuries before the re-founding of Israel.
It is not probable that we shall ever develop in America the type of layman so common in some of the older European Jewries, notably in Lithuania and Russia, who without being professionally a Rabbi, had the learning of a Rabbi" Rabbi Louis Finkelstein observed in the 1920s.
A transnational perspective also allows us to judge if and to what degree American Jewry is unique, special or connected with other Jewries.
Recent studies have examined the different trajectories of the medieval Jewries of England, Northern France, Germany, Eastern Europe, and regions of the Latin Mediterranean.
Sensitive to the inadequacies of the conventional, bipolar division of European Jewries into Western and Eastern so as to account for their emancipation, Sorkin persuasively substitutes a tripartite scheme: in the West "the scope of the emancipation process was narrow and the transition .
He is the author of numerous books on American and world Jewries.